Comments: Bewildered.

Thanks for this Adrian. With the exception of

"We have far more in common than that which divides us."

thats the most sensible thing I've read in weeks.

Catching up on Question Time yesterday (shortly before the news broke sadly) I saw an audience member vehemently insisting that Britain today is reminiscent of 1933 Germany and extreme nationalism of that time (

I wasn't convinced, but at the end of the programme an English lady in the audience said "...we allow ourselves to keep being invaded, we are getting diluted." David Dimbleby didn't flinch, nobody did, applause, applause and move on. The programme ended on that note. Invaded and diluted, wow there it is.

So little debate on Europe, so little (if any) intelligence or humanity around the subject. What of the mutual goals of, oh I don't know, peace, harmony, wellbeing?!

It's been fascinating to hear so many (Gove included) now expressing their disagreement with the excruciating austerity imposed on the Greeks and others. Now, not then. Now suddenly it's the poor Southern Europeans, the cruel, unfair, unjust Germans... We can help them by voting LEAVE. Can we?! They conveniently miss the point. The Greek people voted REMAIN on the basis that we're better together, we can live, study and work together towards the ideal... Human ideology won over national extremism despite/ because of economically tough times.

Posted by J at June 17, 2016 10:46 AM
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