December 20, 2003

ABBA - Dancing Queen

When your boss calls you "The Dancing Queen" at the end of the works Christmas party, should you take that as a compliment or an insult? Even if you're a firmly heterosexual male? Well, I took it as a compliment, anyway.

I suspect the comment had something to do with ABBA's finest, Dancing Queen, having been played that evening. I don't recall my exact behaviour when it was played, but usually, upon hearing the first note I'll make a bee-line for the dancefloor, and procede to dance like a madman. That initial glissando is such a call to arms for anyone indoctrinated in the way of disco.

Today is my sister's birthday, and my cousin's 40th, so this evening there's a pretty good chance that Dancing Queen will be heard. Even if it's not, I'm sure there'll be much strutting of funky stuff by all involved to whatever is played...

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