December 17, 2003

Primal Scream - Loaded

Loaded is my number one choice of jukebox song. If you happen to be in a pub, and I'm there, and there's a jukebox, and Loaded is on it, then unless you get there first and fill up the playlist with lots of other songs, you will hear it before the night is through.

Don't worry though. It's not like you'd hear it repeatedly for the whole evening (or until I ran out of money); it might be guaranteed to be in my initial selection, but it'll only appear once per pub visit. Thereafter you'll get to hear whatever else takes my fancy from the selection. I'll endeavour to have my choices fit with the mood set by the music that's been playing on the jukebox so far, and the playlist will be a selection of songs that I really enjoy, things I haven't listened to for a while, and tunes that haven't made it into my personal collection, but are good fun from time to time.

And finally, if I run out of stuff I like, I'll start experimenting with things that look like they might be interesting to listen to. So if we get to that stage, there might be a few ropey tunes played, for which I apologise, but how else are we going to discover new favourites?

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