December 06, 2003

Prodigy - Out Of Space

The rave scene. My introduction into the world of clubbing. I just love the frantic, hyperactive dancing, all flailing arms and a blur of feet. I've never understood the need for mind-altering chemicals with it, if the music is good then I've always been able to lose myself in the all-consuming beat and movement.

The Prodigy are past masters at producing such all-encompassing rave tunes. When I saw them at the start of the Music For A Jilted Generation tour in the "world famous" Palace nightclub in Blackpool, my friend Neil drifted off into the crowd after about the second song, at one with the music, and we didn't see him again until the end of the night.

Out Of Space is one of my all-time favourite rave tunes, and also one of my favourite Prodigy tracks. There's so much going on; a nice lyrical hook for us singers, a frenetic beat broken by the occasional quiet section to let you chill, before it builds back up to the next assault... This track confirmed my interest in the Prodigy, the track that pushed me over the edge into buying Experience, their first album. Whilst other rave anthems from the same period have dated, and seem slow by today's standards (Oceanic's Insanity for example seems almost lethargic now), Out Of Space has retained it's energy and freshness. Take your brain to another dimension.

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