October 04, 2005

Bang Bang

It seems that Cillit Bang have created a fake blog to help market their "super duper cleaning gunk".

Yay! More proof that blogs are starting to go mainstream?

Err... No.

On Friday, Tom Coates posted a very personal entry on his blog about hit first contact with his father in 28 years. Barry Scott, the fictional Cillit Bang blogger, left a comment claiming he'd been through the same experience. I'm incredulous as to how the person who invented that comment could not realise that it was inappropriate.

Still, Cillit Bang are getting a lesson in why blogs aren't just another way of marketing stuff - Tom wrote up the sorry matter on Friday and news has swept round the "blogosphere" since. It surely won't be long before Tom's post is above the Cillit Bang website when you google for Cillit Bang (it's the next entry at the minute).

At least Cillit Bang seem to have learnt from the Kryptonite bike lock debacle and have apologised to Tom.

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