January 22, 2007

I Don't Sound Like That, Do I?

You'd have thought that with all my karaoke experience I'd have a reasonable idea of what I sound like. It was still strange to listen to myself being interviewed on Shareware Radio.

Mike Dulin (the host of Shareware Radio) collared me when I was at the European Shareware Conference at the end of last year (my notes from the conference) and the interview is now available online.

The interview covers a bit about what tedium is and how it works; and my thoughts on the conference and some of the business side of MCQN Ltd.

My big concern when I sat down for the interview was that I'd "umm" and "ahh" all the way through, which I don't appear to have done. But that could be because Mike has done a good job of editing them out, I don't know. I need to work on my enthusiasm levels though - I'm much more excited about tedium and the company than it sounds in the interview. For an unexpected and un-rehearsed interview though, it could have turned out a lot worse.

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