April 22, 2006

If It Isn't Blogging, Then What Is It?

Ellee Seymour and Geoff Jones have persuaded local newspaper the Cambridge Evening News to run a column about blogging and business.

However, as Ellee explains, they aren't sure whether or not to use the word "blog" in the title.

I can understand why... it doesn't sound particularly good, but I think we're stuck with it now and if the column is to draw in people who aren't already into blogging then I think it's important to use the same term as everyone else. Maybe the extended version - "weblog" - would be close enough and a bit more business-like?

Regardless of the term they choose, I hope they set-up some sort of blog to go with the column. It would help show the value of blogs if there's a place for the readers to find the links to the original articles mentioned in the column and, more importantly, somewhere for them to discuss and comment upon the column.

UPDATE: Oops, in my rush to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, I forgot to include the proper links to Ellee, Geoff and the CEN. Added them now.

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Andrew, our column was in again last night, virtually a whole page. I am meeting Geoff this morning to discuss our next topics. It looks promising. Jenny Chapman, the biz news editor, is a blog supporter.

Posted by: Ellee at April 26, 2006 06:49 AM

Good idea Adrian - I posted a link to latest article on my blog. Maybe we should convince the CEN to host blogs :-)

Posted by: Geoff at May 1, 2006 08:15 PM

Depends if they do as good a job as they did(n't) on the latest article ;-)

It was good to see the article up on the website (particularly as I don't get the paper) but they did a pretty poor job of including the links to the various blogs mentioned.

A CEN-hosted blog would be best as presumably then you could reprint the articles there, but otherwise you could surely create "cen.blogspot.com" (or similar) and post up a list of links to the article on the CEN website and the links mentioned in it to provide somewhere for the discussion to take place.

Posted by: Adrian at May 3, 2006 11:57 AM
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