November 19, 2005

PeerBackup Beta 5 Released

PeerBackup edges ever nearer to completion. I've just made the fifth beta release, after fixing a mixed bag of bugs: a couple of crashes (basically if you cancelled things in the middle of a backup or a restore); a few less serious problems; and some fit and finish items for the user interface.

There are still a handful of bugs left to fix, and the big thing left to do is change the name - PeerBackup isn't quite accurate yet from a geeky point of view, and doesn't mean anything to non-geeks, so it'll be changing before the big release (PeerBackup was always just a working title anyway). More on that no doubt when I start changing the code to the new name, as then I'll be 100% sure what the new name will be, rather than the 99% sure I am now...

That means there'll probably be one more beta release, but I don't think there'll be any more after that. So it's the final call to get a sneak preview!

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