June 08, 2011

Learn How to Connect Your Arduino to the Internet

Want to get to grips with the Internet of Things? In collaboration with Madlab's excellent Omniversity I'll be running another Arduino Ethernet course on Saturday 2nd July.

There's a bit of theory first, to give you an idea of how all the things connected to the Internet talk to each other, and then the majority of the day is spent hands-on - getting temperature sensors to publish data to Pachube; controlling lights with Twitter; sending tweets from an Arduino and making a simple web server.

All the components you'll need are provided, except for an Arduino and a laptop (so the £132 price includes an Ethernet shield), along with code for all of the examples. Plus I'll be on hand to help you work through any problems.

It's a pretty packed day, and we're running it on a Saturday so that people who couldn't get time off for the last one can come along. For an attendee's perspective on what the course was like, have a read through Paul Plowman's review of the last course.

To book your place head over to the Omniversity signup page.


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