November 02, 2005

RSS Feeds For Sites That Don't Provide Them

FeedTier is a new service (in beta mode, as is traditional for Web 2.0 apps :-) which tries to provide RSS feeds for websites that don't provide them themselves.

As I've been wanting to get gig listings in my RSS reader for years now, I figured that'd be a good test for it. It doesn't fare well on The Junction's "What's on" page, presumably because the "book now..." link appears before the "more info..." one. At least, that's my guess given that the Corn Exchange's listing fares better.

So, if anyone else is interested, here are the links for some of the local venues:

What venues have I missed? The ADC's listings page doesn't work in Feedtier, and the Mumford's page uses frames, and the actual diary page's URL will change each term.

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