February 14, 2016


Over the past few months I've been getting out on my bike lots more than I used to (at least, since I lived in Cambridge and my commute was far enough to warrant it every day).

I'd already found some good routes along the river South of the city centre, and through the Southern parks but have been seeking out some alternatives too. I've now added some regular rides out to the North - through the parks, along the loop-line, and the canal and dock road. There's a lovely variety to be had - parkland, brick terraces, industry, countryside and docklands.

It's coincided with me getting a new phone with a decent camera, and an Instagram account. As a result I decided to start recording each ride with a photo (or short video). Not for any particular reason, but there are often nice or interesting things to see, so it wasn't much of a leap to take a photo on every ride.

There's only one photo each time, to force me (arbitrarily) to think about what I'm going to photograph, but also one photo each ride, which also forces me to pay even more attention in order to find something. Especially when I'm riding the same route regularly.

I'm tagging all my out-for-a-ride Instagrams with the hashtag #inthesaddle, but sadly Instagram don't appear to have a very good search facility, so I can't point you at anything better than my Instagram feed - @amcewen_.

Tim Bray has had the same idea too, although he's using the #Bike2WorkPix hashtag, and as I'm not always biking to or from work I'm not using that one.

The photos are far from all being worth sharing, but here are a few of the nicer ones...

Vanishing point #inthesaddle #nightride #liverpoolcity

A photo posted by Adrian McEwen (@amcewen_) on

Saint Albans Bay in Canada dock #merseyshipping #inthesaddle

A photo posted by Adrian McEwen (@amcewen_) on

Nice to get out before it goes dark. #inthesaddle

A photo posted by Adrian McEwen (@amcewen_) on

Dockside. #inthesaddle #merseyshipping

A photo posted by Adrian McEwen (@amcewen_) on

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