August 30, 2003

Do you know the way to Yr Wyddfa?

For those who don't know, Yr Wyddfa is the Welsh name for Snowdon. (There is a campaign, IIRC, to get the Welsh name used as the main one, although educating the English [and the rest of the world no doubt] how to pronounce it will be a bit tricky).

Anyway, after enjoying my last jaunt into Snowdonia at Easter, I was looking forward to using even more B-roads to get there this time. My Uncle suggested I took the more scenic route through Knockin (easy to remember because you get to pass the village shop there which is called "The Knockin Shop"...) and what a superb suggestion that turned out to be!

You have to do hardly any of the non-dualled bit of the A5, so you're soon off onto quieter and more interesting driving roads.

So, at the end of the Nesscliffe bypass on the A5, turn left onto the B4396. Follow it through Knockin, at Llynclys it joins the A495 for a bit before diverging off to the right again after Porth-y-waen. In Pen-y-bont-fawr (not to be confused with Pen-y-bont, which you'll pass through first), take the right onto the B4391 all the way to Bala.

This is the best bit of the route, it takes you up into the Snowdonia National Park, over the Milltir Gerrig pass, excellent ascent and descent with a lovely open blatt across moorland in the middle, with plenty of nice corners and hairpins (just keep an eye out for the sheep). Reminds me quite a bit of Hartside Pass, although not quite as good, but Milla's brakes were starting to fade a little as we dropped down into Bala.

In Bala, take the dog-leg straight-on onto the A4212, which is a lovely, fast, sweeping A-road. You can either follow this all the way to the A470 to Trawsfynydd, where you turn right onto the A470 and then left onto the A487. Or, if you fancy more twisty B-road fun, take the right onto the B4391 when it starts again, over to Ffestiniog (IIRC that's where I got stuck behind an electricity board truck, so decided to stop and take a few photos whilst waiting for it to disappear off into the distance). In Ffestiniog you turn left onto the A470 and arrive at the A487 from the other direction, so you hang a right onto it.

Then from the A487, you turn right onto the B4410 (whilst nice and twisty, it's a bit too narrow for any spirited driving), through Rhyd and into Garreg where you take the right onto the A4085. That merges with the A498 to take you into Beddgelert, where it splits off just over the bridge and heads up to Rhyd-Ddu and the Cwellyn Arms campsite, in the shadow of Yr Wyddfa.

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