August 29, 2016

Interesting Things on the Internet: August 29th 2016

  • The Continuing Journey Of A Media Lab: I Went To A Media/Art Lab And All I Got Was This Lousy Tote Bag. "This is the dark matter of a successful lab; its not making it look like a lab, it’s having a diverse mix of people, supporters, technicians, mentors and cooks; it’s having a sensibility of people doing interesting work who can get on with others or disrupt things." Great analysis from Ross. I'm now thinking "the background radiation of the culture" could be my new favourite term. What Ross talks about is something I got from the recent exhibition I did with him in Oslo, and also some of what Laptops and Looms provides.
  • Recovery From Privilege. Useful ways to think about privilege.
  • The War on Cash. Paying by cards is easy, but I don't think we should abandon the anonymity and utility of cash.
  • Now you can feel as awesome at coding as I am ;-)
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