December 27, 2021

Interesting Things on the Internet: December 27th 2021 Edition

  • Too Big to Sail: How a Legal Revolution Clogged Our Ports "The ability to extract extra revenue, especially when demand is high, means that we’re not in an all-hands on deck situation, but a situation which is working quite well for some, and terribly for much of the industry and the public." Reading this and wondering how much of my money has been given to Peel to let them continue playing this game: "The game in the business is to acquire market power and then use mega-ships to offload costs onto others and block new entrants."
  • Winter Solstice. Chris Locke, one of the authors of the Cluetrain Manifesto, died recently. Doc Searls, one of the other authors, pointed to this lovely bit of writing in his obituary of Chris.
  • The End of Rationalism: An Interview with John Ralston Saul. Trump and Johnson are showing that reason has its limits; you can see this every day on Twitter, et al, as people wonder why their cold facts don't win out. It's not that we don't need facts, it's that we need more than just facts. Maybe we should provide his idea of structured civic participation in exchange for your UBI payment? I realise itt's no longer as universal, but maybe a Universal Citizens Income would be a better thing anyway?
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