February 06, 2023

Interesting Things on the Internet: February 6th 2023 Edition

  • Yeah but…I don’t really have anything worth sharing. "Follow your passions, your frustrations, your intrigues, and see where they take you. Then share how you see it, in your world and in your own words. You might believe everything has been said by voices more expert than yours but, trust me, your perspective is just as valid as theirs. And, if your context and lived experience is underrepresented in what’s written about your topic, then your contribution to our collective understanding will be more valuable than most. "
  • The sky is falling. Why do groups of well-meaning, nice people make such wrong (and harmful) decisions? This is excellent. And chiming with me particularly as watch the status quo of the regeneration cycle reassert itself. Not that I really expected anything else, I'm just laying down markers and continuing to play the long game. Maybe it's a gyroscope, not a cycle.
  • You wise up. Are we seeing the beginning of the end for the Online Safety Bill? Let's hope so.
  • Why the super rich are inevitable. Fantastic interactive exploration of economic models to show why a meritocracy isn't the best economic approach.
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