January 28, 2019

Interesting Things on the Internet: January 28th 2019

  • How To Pay Attention. Lots of good techniques to steal here. My #inthesaddle bike photos practice is pretty much the "spot something new every day" strategy.
  • The Secrets of Lyndon Johnson’s Archives. A wonderfully-written article by Robert A. Caro about his research in writing the biography of Lyndon B. Johnson. I really enjoyed his biography of Robert Moses—The Power Broker. At some point there'll be a blog all dog-eared pages post for that, once I've written up the many notes from the 1100+ pages...
  • Co-ops Need Leaders, Too. Useful reminder that co-operatives aren't completely different from other organisations.
  • Brexit and Singapore-on-Thames. A reminder that Britain is being run for the benefit of finance, and the rest of us are just seen as unfortunate baggage.
  • Refusal after Refusal. An essay rejecting the current social view of work. Ostensibly about architecture, I think it applies just as well to the rest of life (definitely tech, at least).
  • When Automation Bites Back.
  • Money laundering 101. A good look through money laundering and how it winds up distorting the property market.
  • Building Acid Communism. Some food for thought, particularly the workshop questions in the latter half.
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