July 04, 2022

Interesting Things on the Internet: July 4th 2022 Edition

  • Manufacturing an Ecosystem. You can replace the US with Liverpool in this article and get most of my thoughts after doing the Indie Manufacturing project. The "high value manufacturing" jobs won't exist in a vacuum, they'll be mixed with supposed-"low value" manufacturing processes, and will need such capabilities locally.
  • Am I on the IndieWeb Yet? (aside: I love the fact that the jauntily-angled text for the header on that site is just text, so i can highlight and copy it) The IndieWeb is great, but it needs to be easier for non-web-developers to get started with.
  • ‘A massive betrayal’: how London’s Olympic legacy was sold out. A depressing but entirely predictable article about the "regeneration" of East London. It would be good if the media asked more questions and were less credulous when these things are proposed. At least we're starting to see alternatives coming along with councils such as Liverpool taking Community Land Trusts (CLTs) seriously.
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