March 31, 2014

Interesting Things on the Internet: Mar 31st 2014 Edition

  • A Christmas list for a better Internet. It's a bit late, but I'm sure Erin wouldn't mind that you missed Christmas and still delivered on that...
  • Great write-up of the Urban Data conference that Adam Greenfield hosted recently. See Adam's original explanation of the conference here. I particularly like the 596 Acres project. Would love there to be something similar here in Liverpool - maybe a "civic hackers" group: to bring interested people together, spark up bits of open-source infrastructure projects from elsewhere, build new components, etc...
  • Six spaces of social media. An old post, new to me, showing an interesting way of grouping social media (and older, more traditional media/cultural activities too). Via the ever-interesting Dan Hon newsletter
  • This is a generic brand video. Superb. All the marketing companies can go home early...
  • Building the Next Pixar. Interviews with a number of Pixar alumni, about what lessons they've taken to their new ventures
  • The Double-O bike light. This is brilliant. Once I get a bike again, I can see me getting some of these - it constantly annoys me that the bike industry's "solution" for bike light theft is "ooh, look how easy it is for you to carry bits of your bike round with you..."
  • Crafting link underlines on Medium. Rather geeky, but lovely to see the level of concern and detail that goes into something as simple as improving the default underlined links. One for Tom Darlow particularly (as he was complaining at the lack of underlines on my links here. Maybe I'll fix that when I retire the 11 year old design for this blog... whenever that is...)
  • Four things [I was] thinking about. Happened upon this blog post from three years back while digging out a link to The Paradox of Progress (which is also well worth a read, particularly for things like the idea of the "Ministry for Leaving Well Alone"). I'm still thinking about all those things.
  • After the protests. "The point isn’t just to challenge power; it’s to change it."
  • Liverpool 8: From the air. A lovely exploration of my neighbourhood, harking back to how it was in the 70s.
  • Big data: are we making a big mistake?. Excellent summary of the possible problems with trusting big data.
  • Exponential water tank. A great visualisation showing how exponential growth works, and how we underestimate such a thing. Still not sure that it's sunk into my consciousness yet though.
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