November 14, 2022

Interesting Things on the Internet: November 14th 2022 Edition

  • Don’t Read Off The Screen. Good presentation advice, well presented.
  • The Hollow Core of Kevin Kelly's "Thousand True Fans" Theory. I think we're (too slowly) getting a bit closer to the good parts of 1000 true fans, but there's a lot to this critique.
  • After Twitter. "The internet’s town square should never have been one specific website with its own specific rules and incentives. It should have been, and should be, the web itself."
  • That last link isn't really about Twitter, or Mastodon. However, I should note that the Fediverse (which includes Mastodon, but also Instagram-a-likes such as Pixelfed and more and they all work with each other!) is better. I'm over there as and there's a company instance so you can follow too if you like.

This week's RSS additions (see if you don't know what RSS is, RSS is how I find most of these Interesting Things...):

  • Tom Critchlow's blog, although reading more of his posts will just make me want to tinker with making more web tools myself...
  • Heather Burns' blog. Good to keep track of challenges to privacy and how the Government is messing this up.

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