October 12, 2015

Interesting Things on the Internet: October 12th 2015

  • Haunted by Data. All of Maciej's talks are worth watching/reading and this is no exception. "[Data.] Don't collect it! [...] If you have to collect it, don't store it! [...] If you have to store it, don't keep it!"
  • as though everyone had value. "This competitive ideology seeps into and ruins everything. It makes every good contingent on that good being enjoyed by a small and shrinking few. As a guy, this competitive urge is a contagion, it gets in everywhere. I love guitars but hate guitar stores; I like lifting weights but I hate the weight room. Those places are poisoned by male competition and the male insecurity that attends it, almost inevitably.". Amen to that.
  • Turn off your f**king phone and talk to me! Sherry Turkle on why “I’m not the Darth Vader of social media”.
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