March 13, 2007

It's All For A Good Cause

As Red Nose Day looms there have been a few calls on my hard-earned cash; but as it's all for a good cause, who am I to refuse?

Firstly, my friend Jo (along with some of her colleagues) will be trekking 100km across the South Downs to raise money for Oxfam - and you can sponsor her here.

Secondly, now that the annual Which Decade Is Top For Pops project is out of the way, Mike has launched an ambitious venture in aid of Comic Relief.

"I have had a Big Idea!!!

Next Friday (March 16) is Comic Relief's Red Nose Day day in the UK. What I’m proposing is to assemble and publish – in the space of just seven days - a paperback anthology of blog writing, that can be sold to raise funds for the charity.

The book will be called Shaggy Blog Stories: a collection of amusing tales from the UK blogosphere."

I don't have any hilarious posts tucked away in the McFilter archives, so haven't submitted anything. What I will be doing though is buying a copy of the book when it goes on sale on Friday.

Head over to Troubled-Diva for full details on the mission.


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