February 17, 2014

Links: A Little Bit of Politics

The recent interesting links have a bit of a politics theme to them it seems...

  • An excellent piece from Matter about Occupy, surveillance, politics and mass movements - Is the Internet good or bad? Yes.
  • A good, if a little gloomy in outlook, interview with Adam Curtis. Hopefully his perceived lack of anything new to challenge the status quo is because he's looking for the wrong signals. Fighting the last war, as it were. I hope so, if only because the alternative is a bit depressing.
  • A piece from the Guardian yesterday about David Cameron's response to the floods. Living in the NW, where we've luckily avoided the worst of the terrible weather battering the rest of the country, and not tracking the mainstream media much, I only have a peripheral awareness of how bad things are. My knowledge is coming from tweets about rail cancellations, pictures shared on Twitter of the mainline railway hanging in mid-air, and mostly from Lucy Bricheno's talk about flooding at Ignite Liverpool on Thursday. It's rather nice to have that route of information, where an event I help run has speakers who monitor sea levels, flood risk, etc. for a living. Anyway, this link included more to capture this quote from David Cameron - "Money is no object in this relief effort. Whatever money is needed for it will be spent.". I don't disagree with us spending money on the relief effort, but it's interesting to see that while the Government has spent its entire term claiming that there is no money, they've now discovered a bottomless supply of it...
  • Work Makes Works, an interesting collection of artists mapping things they've done (sometimes for free) and how that's led to other opportunities or artworks.
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