April 24, 2009

Where Are the Online Liverpool Calendars?

Jon Udell is in the middle of another project demonstrating what he does best on the Internet, and what he has been doing time and again since I first started following his work back in the BYTE magazine days.

He's working out simple but effective ways to weave together the tools available on the 'net to make it a more coherent and more useful place. This time his focus is on community calendars.

He's avoided the typical programmer trap of trying to automate everything, and instead is looking at ways to build tools that automate what can be automated, and ease the work required to be done by hand.

I've been following the project with interest, as I think a centralized grouping of all the event data for an area is an invaluable resource for the community. Jon is building such an item for his local area, but it only scales when other people take the lead of curating the event listings in their cities.

This blog post is in lieu of me actually getting the Liverpool listings up and running with Jon's system. When I've got a spare couple of hours sometime (so probably after Be2Camp North and Howduino) then I'll re-read Jon's blog posts and work out what I need to do.

Until then, I'm going to start collecting any Liverpool-related calendars I find online on my delicious account, and will tag them with "Liverpool" and "calendar". If anyone wants to help, then they can either tag any links in delicious themselves and I can pick them up, or leave a comment with the details in here.


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