May 03, 2003

Fopp is evil! :-)

Be warned, there is a new music shop on the block (well, new to me at least) and it should be considered extremely dangerous!

If you spot one on your high street, try to pretend you haven't seen it! Avoid entering AT ALL COSTS. If you must go in, and you should really try not to, then find the CD you want, avoid looking at anything else, pay for it and leave.

There. Don't say I didn't warn you. Fopp (for that is the name of this demon) is particularly deadly when combined with an online MP3 swapping service. You find more music that you like, and then Fopp provides legitimate copies of it all at bargain prices.

But that's not all! Oh no, not content with providing you with what you know you want, they then go and scatter the shop with all sorts of other tempting, interesting and curious things too. Most of the back catalogue stuff I've been getting recently has only been 5/CD, which is cool, and they're realised that 3/CD is an even better pricepoint for all sorts of other stuff - I mean 3 for an album! That's just crazy - I only have to find one track I like and then I can reason "hey, only 3, you could pay that for a CD single, and you'd only get one track, and the rest of the album might be good too". It's impossible to go in there without coming out with something you didn't go in for!

It happened again today. I left the shop 40 poorer, but I was clutching a bag containing two books, a DVD (Taxi 2), three single albums, and three double albums. It's all Jo's fault, if she hadn't suggested we go to Fat Poppadaddies at the Po Na Na on Thursday, then I wouldn't have gone in looking for some more funk for my CD collection...

At least I've got a heap of new stuff to listen to whilst I'm working over the weekend:
Various Artists - Blax Is Back. 2 CDs of 70s funky stuff for 5
Various Artists - DJ Pogo presents The Breaks. The original stuff loads of hip hop (and everything else since) has sampled, so now I have a legit copy of the Incredible Bongo Band's "Apache", and James Brown's "The Funky Drummer"
Come On Feel The Lemonheads. Doesn't have "It's a shame about Ray", or "I lied about being the outdoor type" on it (which may prompt further Lemonheads purchases in future) but does have most of the other stuff I've liked that I'd downloaded. Most expensive purchase of the day at 10 though.
Various Artists - White Teeth the Soundtrack. Couldn't get anywhere with the book, so didn't watch the TV series, but it has a use because the soundtrack was only 3, and has "The tunnel of love" by the Fun Boy Three amongst other stuff and that's been a popular MP3 of late. Result.
And then two wildcard entries, mainly 'cause they were only 3 each, and both double albums - The Best of the Fania All Stars adds some salsa to my collection (so I can practice getting the dancesteps wrong at home), and MuchoMamboMongo just has my favourite album name ever, and I'm looking forward to hearing the mambo versions of Day Tripper and Smooth Operator!

Fopp - naughty but nice.

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