August 25, 2004

Getting Bigger All The Time

Late last night, as I was pottering around before bed, I noticed a song had wormed into my head and was being replayed by the jukebox in my mind. Nothing unusual about that; it's pretty common if there's no external music source.

However, I was pleased to realise that it was "No Joke" by The Fray. The lead guitarist in Fray, Matt, is brother of my mate and frequent commenter, Andrew, so I've been following The Fray's progress with some interest.

The Fray are starting to build a bit of a following up in Darlington, and a couple of days back Andrew slipped me some mp3s from an EP (reviewed here) they're putting together, including "No Joke".

I'm bound to be a little biased, but I think my sub-conscious is less prone to such flaws; and that bodes well for the band. "No Joke" is the strongest track on the EP and was chosen for the Revolution Big Chance competition unsigned band showcase. If you want a listen, head to the Big Chance page and download the mp3, and while you're there vote for The Fray and improve their chance of winning some studio time!

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Posted by: Andrew at August 27, 2004 10:08 AM
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