November 22, 2007

A Tale of Two Phone Calls

Yesterday afternoon I spent an infuriating half-hour on the phone to PayPal; the latest in a series, as I try to prove to them that I've moved to Italy and wasn't trying to hack my own account the other day. Each time I speak to them I get a different answer as to how long they'll take to acknowledge the proof-of-address I faxed them on Saturday.

By the end of that call I was livid, but an hour or so later I hung-up a Skype call feeling refreshed and with my faith in humanity restored.

I'd spent the best part of an hour chatting to Curt Rosengren as part of his 30 conversations in 30 days project. We got to talk about the differences between the US and Europe; found out that Curt lived in Cambridge for some of his childhood and went to school round the corner from my house; and a host of other topics.

So I just wanted to thank Curt for an enjoyable chat.


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