July 30, 2003

I survived

Now got the photos from the London To Cambridge Bike Ride up on the website.

It was an excellent day, despite having to be at Midsummer Common for 6am, and despite being rained on not long into the ride. In fact, the rain was quite refreshing, and as it was cloudy most of the way up, it was near perfect cycling weather.

Lots of cyclists all the way along, and all levels of ability - from those pottering along planning to take all day, to those streaming past on their flash, hi-tech racers.

Ian and I managed a pretty decent 14.8mph average, to cover the 50 miles in 3hrs19mins. Plus 20 minutes of breaks meant that we got back to Midsummer Common for 12:40pm. Then it was time for a much anticipated hot-dog and celebratory beer at the Fort St. George.

I felt much better after the ride than I was expecting to, and was quite chuffed not to have even left the saddle on the few nasty hills on the way. And the advantage of climbing some big hills is that you get some speed up on the way down :-) Best I managed was 37.7mph - I think I'd need different gearing to get any faster!

Good fun, and it looks like I'll have raised somewhere around 400 for charity too. Thanks to everyone who sponsored me!

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