May 26, 2005

Kings Of Europe

Could you ask for a better game of football? Our emotions played to perfection.

Half time. AC Milan 3 - Liverpool 0. Almost as low as you can feel. Where are Liverpool going to find three goals? Especially given their performance in the first half.

Things are a little better at the start of the second half. Our midfield are a little more involved in the game. Then, in the 53rd minute, a beautiful header from Stevie G! A goal! Can we... dare we hope?

Barely a minute later, and Smicer's shot sneaks in. A second! It's not over yet!

Then on the hour, Gerrard goes down in the box. A penalty? For a moment or two there's confusion, none of the decisions seem to have gone our way all night - are we to be denied again? No, it is a penalty. Alonso steps up... and it's saved! But he gets the rebound!

What a glorious seven minutes. We're level, and there's still half an hour of normal time to find a winner.

Full time. AC Milan 3 - Liverpool 3. Extra time beckons.

And it's a tense affair. Milan have recovered from shell-shock a little, and only a fantastic double save from Dudek keeps Liverpool in the game.

After extra time. AC Milan 3 - Liverpool 3.

Penalties! Memories return to 1984, when the European Cup final also went to penalties, with the famous image of Grobbelaar's "jelly legs" helping us to our last European Cup victory.

AC go first. Serginho misses! The other room in the pub erupts in celebration a moment before we do - their TV is tuned to ITV rather than Sky, and they seem to be a second or so ahead, making for a very surreal experience watching the penalties. Hamann scores for Liverpool, just the start we want.

Dudek saves from Pirlo! Cisse scores! Liverpool are two-nil up!

Tomasson gets Milan onto the penalty score sheet, and Riise misses for the Reds. We aren't there yet...

Kaka levels the scores, but that's before Smicer puts Liverpool back in front.

Shevchenko has to score to keep Milan in the game. We can't hear the result of this second hand from the other room! We all pile through to find out as soon as possible.

DUDEK SAVES IT! We've won! Liverpool FC have won the Champions League!

What a game! What a night!

AC Milan 3 - Liverpool 3 (AET). Liverpool win 3-2 on penalties.

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