December 21, 2013


The past couple of years have been quiet ones for new music, which is why you have to go back to 2010 to find the last time I had something to share on this day. I'd almost started to wonder if, despite my continued listening to new music on BBC 6Music, this was part of getting older.

However, this year has thrown up two choices. Rather different styles, but both tracks I've been much enjoying of late.

Pharrell Williams' Happy doesn't exactly match the mood of the day, but any other time is an upbeat and uplifting slice of pop. The companion website is superb too, with a non-stop full day of different videos for it. The last link is one of my favourites of the versions starring Pharrell Williams himself, but this one is also pretty cool.

And more in keeping with my current state of mind, there's London Grammar's Strong...

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