December 23, 2004

UK Webloggers End Of Year Party

The Saturday before last saw me down in London for the day. In what seems to becoming a pattern, there was a mosey round the city to look at some buildings (pictures taken, will be posted when I've got them resized, labelled, etc.); a few hours spent taking in some art (more on my trip to the Tate Modern soon); and then a party in the evening.

The party was what brought me to London in the main, the other activities were things I've been wanting to do for a while when I had some spare time in the capital. So, not long after 7:30, I arrived at the Green Man (well chosen, Sasha, only two stops from Kings Cross so easy for those of us returning to Cambridge) for the UK Webloggers' End of Year Party 2004.

It was good to finally catch up with all sorts of people I've been reading, trading comments or emails with, and some people whose blog I've only dipped into from time to time. It's funny how you have some sort of composite of people from their writing, and it's rarely the same as when you meet them face to face.

Everyone was very friendly, although I probably should've circulated a bit more; it would've been nice to have continued the "theme of the night" with a few other attendees.

It wasn't anywhere near as geeky as I'd expected - very few cameras or gadgets on view, which is probably why there are only four photos online. My camera didn't see any service after I'd got to the Tate. And blogs weren't much of a topic of conversation either, apart from during introductions; with subjects ranging from 80s nostalgia with Robin's many interesting band stories (I see is still available...), to food hygiene and Welsh restaurants.

All in all, good fun. Thanks to the Funjunkie crew for making it all happen.

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Meh. I just left a lovely long comment, forgot to tick the box to say i wasn't a spammer, and lost it all. Can you make it NOT lose all your text when that happens?

Posted by: Karen at December 30, 2004 12:36 PM

One of my tasks for the new year is to move this whole site off my home server and onto some proper webspace, at which point I'll be upgrading to Movable Type v3 so I'll hopefully be able to ditch such draconian anti-spam measures.

Until then, I can just offer my apologies, sorry.

Posted by: Adrian at January 4, 2005 03:16 PM
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