December 03, 2005

Martin and Karen's Wedding

East Anglia is too flat! Luckily, given that it's where I live, I tend to forget that fact when I'm here, but I am reminded just how much I miss hills and how far I am from any proper hills whenever I head back up North. So it was great to spend a long weekend up in the Lake District.

We were up in Cumbria for the wedding of my mate Martin. The whole event was held in the superb Leeming House Hotel; possibly the best hotel I've ever stayed in, with lovely views over Ullswater. We had the hotel to ourselves, which worked really well, it was almost like having it at a private country house - the large restaurant room for the ceremony, meal and dancing; and a few other rooms where guests could sit around on comfy sofas with a tumbler of whisky and a good cuban cigar in front of a log fire.

On Sunday a group of us headed over to Tarn Hows, just south-west of Ambleside. Luckily the rain mostly held off, and the fresh air and gentle walk helped to clear our hangovers. Then it was back into Ambleside for a much appreciated late lunch at the Apple Pie Eating House and Bakery.

From there we said our goodbyes, Rebecca and I leaving the others to make their way home as we had a superb blatt over the Kirkstone Pass and up the A592 to Penrith where we were staying for an extra night. In the morning we called over to Keswick for a wander down to the river, and around the shops. And after a hearty lunch at the Keswick Lodge pub we made the surprisingly hold-up free trek back down South.

I'm sure James, who did a sterling job in his role as official photographer, will have much better photos, but the few that Rebecca took are in the photo album.

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Hehe. Excellent write up (again) :) Seems like you enjoyed the weekend as much as I did. Was a perfect wedding, and really good to see you and Rebecca again.

Gotta agree how liberating it feels to get away from the city and out into the mountain roads though! Think my aging GTI stood up to the (ab)use quite well during the multiple blasts over the Kirkstone Pass. Certainly seems to be starting and idling a bit better now, although the brake pads are now looking a bit thin ...

Congratulate Rebecca on the photography. I especially like the sneaky final shot of you 'making progress' in the 'Grale. :)

Posted by: Andrew at December 7, 2005 02:13 PM

Yeah, I think it'll have done the Integrale good to have had the cobwebs blown out a bit, and the couple of tankfuls of super-unleaded will have done her some good too.

Not to mention the nice roads and beautiful scenery will have done for me :-)

Posted by: Adrian at December 7, 2005 04:13 PM
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