October 08, 2004

Playing Peek-A-Boo

I really should try to remember to check McFilter in Internet Explorer from time to time. Then I'd have noticed that the comments box was missing chunks of text, and wouldn't have needed Karen to point it out to me.

Things weren't helped by the way my comment-spam-busting tweaks coped with someone who didn't answer the "Are you a spammer?" question. That was the first fix, so if you forget to answer (or answer wrongly) then you'll no longer get the rude "500 Internal Server Error" page.

And thanks to this CSS hack, those of you using IE6 should now be able to see the question in the first place (although hiding the window behind something else and then exposing it again would've shown that the content was there all along, hence the bug's "peekaboo" name).

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