December 01, 2008

Green Drinks Lancashire

Last Thursday evening saw the inaugural Green Drinks Lancashire up in Preston. The Scholars Bar in UCLan wasn't the easiest to find (maybe a sign or two inside the building would help in future?) but getting on for twenty people had managed to track it down.

The mix of "professions" was a little different to Green Drinks Liverpool (next one is this Thursday), with more of a construction and architecture flavour, but the conversation was just as interesting. After initial chatting amongst smaller groups it evolved into one big group discussion touching on a variety of topics.

Amongst the interesting tidbits I learnt during the evening were that modern, efficient washing machines only have a cold feed because they use so little water that they wouldn't empty the water in the pipes to get to the hot water; and the Government's "Green Skies" accreditation for solar/renewables installers isn't necessarily much use - gear that has the accreditation is often more expensive (for no gain in performance) and so negates the benefit of the grants available to buy it.

It was also good to catch up with Be2Camp organiser Martin again. I'm looking forward to the next one, and hopefully it will gain a website sometime soon so I can point people at it... (hint, getting shown on the "official" Green Drinks Lancashire page would be a good start).


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