July 29, 2019

Blog All Dog-eared Pages: Do/Purpose by David Hieatt

I've long been a fan of David Hieatt's approach to branding and story-telling, and try to adopt bits of it for MCQN Ltd and DoES Liverpool. So I recently bought Do/Purpose, his book about that (I'd like to go on his marketing workshop, but haven't managed that yet). It was a pretty quick and enjoyable read, although I'd have preferred a bit more substance to it - but maybe I've absorbed too much of it already from reading his blog for donkey's years.

Page 27

When [Jack] Lemmon was asked why he plays small theatres, he replied that it was his duty to send the lift back down to help others.

Page 39

The exit strategy is what every startup is geared up for, and yet after selling Vimeo [Zach Klein] couldn't help but feel that he missed it. The last slide on his talk summed up his learning from his adventures: Build something that you would never sell.

Page 81

If you're going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don't even start.

Page 99

Bare your soul. Tell your struggle. Tell your pain. Tell your lows. Be vulnerable. Be honest. Tell them how the world could be.

Page 111

Change is your secret fuel. People want to be part of change. People want to be part of history. Teams gather around ideas that will change things.

Page 150

Enjoy the ride, it's your ride.

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