September 29, 2011

People, Canals and Regeneration

Today I visited FabLab in Manchester. It was a lovely day, and the route from Manchester Picadilly station is very picturesque - along the towpath of the canal. However, on the way back it also felt somehow empty and soulless. Lots of nice enough little flats, all next to the water, but it felt as though it was lovely in the warm sunshine, it would be all rather more oppressive and foreboding on a winter's evening.

Maybe that says more about me than the realities of life in Ancoats. However, it still seems like a lost opportunity - somewhere that a few shops, cafes, pubs or just things other than houses and flats would mean it had some life and animation outside of the odd sunny weekend.

Something that starkly apparent as I read through this fantastic article from Jane Jacobs, Downtown is for People. First printed in 1958, but just as relevant today, which is when I got to read it.

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Adrian, I love this blog. Only just come across it. You're one hell of a writer - clearly not just the code monkey you sometimes pitch yourself to be!

I so agree with your sentiment here, and it's especially relevant as me and the missus crawl (sometimes literally) across Manchester looking for a new gaff.

Poignant too, considering this kind of thing has clearly been an issue for well over half a century.

Keep on cranking out this great - and more importantly, unique - content, sir!

Posted by: Dave Thackeray at October 12, 2011 10:25 AM
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