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What Is It?

A service that provides an easy way to create a link to part of a Real format audio or video file.

Why Might I Use It?

Say you've been interviewed on radio, but it's only ten minutes in the middle of the show, and only the entire show is available online. Or you find a recording of a conference on the web somewhere, and you want to blog about one of the questions at the end of the session.

The Real Clip Generator will let you create a link that points just to the interview, or just to the question, and you can then post that onto your blog or website, or email it to your friends.

What Doesn't It Do?

It doesn't copy the audio or video data, so if the original radio show or conference or whatever disappears from the web, the clip will stop working too.

It can't create clips from local files; the audio or video must be on the web somewhere already if you want to create a clip of it.

It won't clip your toenails. Sorry, you'll still have to do that yourself.

Let Me At It!

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Real Audio Clip Generator created by Adrian McEwen. Please post any suggestions, bug reports or compliments over here or email me.