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Home Delivery Network
Howard Rd, Eaton Socon, St. Neots, Cambridgeshire PE19 8ET
Tel: 01480 472537
hey ive also has a bit of trouble with the home delivery network,
hope the above info is useful x

Posted by lu at December 10, 2006 04:02 PM

They are a bunch of useless arses. They sent my Amazon delivery back to the depot and cancelled it, as they claimed my address information was incomplete or incorrect despite my other amazon deliveries arriving without probrlem from three other couriers. nobs.

Posted by Jo at December 18, 2006 04:21 PM

The most incompetent bunch of tosswits I've ever encountered. Putting the customer first my arse. The first time Amazon sent me something via them it took five weeks to arrive - eventually arriving the day after a replacement package from Amazon was delivered via Royal Mail.

This time, my parcel has been stuck in their st neots depot for 10 days. They've "tried to deliver and left a card" twice according to the tracking information - this is to an address that is always manned during office hours, and no card has ever been left. Now I'm having to go to the depot to collect the items myself to ensure that I get them in time for Christmas. A TWO HOUR round trip.

Posted by Les at December 19, 2006 11:11 AM

Luckily Amazon haven't used them for any of the parcels I've ordered recently. I see that dabs are still waiting for my parcel to be returned from the Home Delivery Network and in the meantime I've ordered a replacement from, and received it nearly a fortnight ago!

Posted by Adrian at December 19, 2006 12:18 PM

I'm glad I'm not alone in having troubles, I have now sworn never tio use Amazon until this Hopeless Delivery Network Ltd are out of business.

Posted by Stuart Boreham at December 28, 2006 11:44 PM

They are useless Home Delivery Network.I was supposed to get a parcel delivered this morning.I missed it and found a card as usual,no parcel number no website.I googled their number and found it on here.I rang them and they cant find me on their system.

Posted by brian at February 6, 2007 10:52 AM

I ordered some items from - books and DVDs. I got home one day to find a Home Delivery Network card that said that there was no one home so my items had been placed "in silver bin outside".

They placed my order on top of the bin bags. It had been raining so everything was soaked through. And it all smelled of rotting food and rubbish too, which was nice.

Amazon, when I contacted them, claimed that they were happy with the Home Delivery Network and that they had received very few complaints. They offered to replace the damaged items, which meant no Christmas presents for some people.

Completely useless. Amazon are doing themselves a huge disservice by using these idiots as they are really starting to get themselves a bad name. And until they start using someone a bit more responsible, they deserve it!

Posted by SP at March 3, 2007 05:38 PM

Putting the customer first???!?!

I work at a large University - our building has a reception desk that is open from 8am until 5pm every weekday. Try arguing that this customer is never in, Mr HDNL van driver (oh yes, sorry, I forgot... *You Do!!* - regularly...)

*Every* single delivery by HDNL has either been 'refused' (odd seeing as our receptionist is not in the habit of turning couriers away), 'carded' (not sure why they would need to leave a card in a building with a reception desk that is staffed all day and in any case we've never seen any of these mysterious cards) or just stuck in the depot (sometimes the wrong one) for days.

I have checked our building CCTV at the times the drivers have allegedly either been refused delivery or left cards and guess what - no HDNL vans or drivers are anywhere to be seen!

I've got to say that any company that cannot manage to deliver to a building that is 100 yards from the main entrance to the University (the nice security guard on the gate will even point out the building to you as you enter), a building that has a staffed reception desk open all day (including lunch time cover) and that consistently lies about refused deliveries or cards being left really shouldn't be in this business.

We have 10 to 15 deliveries every week and in 8 years have probably had a total of 3 or 4 problems in total with deliveries from DHL, ParcelForce, CityLink, FedEx or any of the other companies that we deal with (all of which were resolved quickly, efficiently and politely). We have had a 100% failure rate with HDNL. I know every company can't get it right 100% of the time, but I think these facts speak for themselves.

We now many it a condition of any company with which we have a purchasing contract that we will not deal with them unless the guarantee not to ship with HDNL. With a purchasing power of over £100 million per annum, we have this luxury. I can only sympathise with individuals who are forced to endure the excruciatingly bad service from this joke of a company.

It is absolutely clear from posts on other blogs that the delivery drivers are under enormous pressure and are paid based on the number of deliveries made rather than for the job they do. I would imagine that they have to hit daily targets and at the end of the day and it's more cost effective for them to log a failed or 'carded' delivery even though they have never been near the premises.

Anyway, I've wasted quite enough of my life writing about this complete sham that purports to be a company putting customers first. is useful for finding depot phone numbers (not that they are very helpful when you get through to them...)

Posted by Tim at May 12, 2007 06:26 AM

This is the most shiitiest, useless, pathetic
company i have had the misfortune to come across.

When the '1st attempt' was made we was in, the driver didnt even wait for me to answer the buzzer to the door of our flat! We live on the second floor and can see the front door from the window and when i looked out to see who it was the driver had flied away on his wings! He couldnt even wait for one minuite whilst i let him in the front door to deliver to our flat!
All that was left was a card. No parcel number, no nothing.

I then phoned the company and they said that it will deliver on Monday so fuming we went away for the weekend expecting the delivery after the weekend but when we got back another card said that they had come on saturday and we had missed the second try.

I am so angry, i cant believe we are being treated like this. We now have to go to a town half an hour away to collect a parcel which was delivered on the worong day.

The stupid woman on the end of the phone said that HQ do not have a telephone number and that the driver cannot be contacted as they do not have mobiles and they do not not have ID numbers so we can make a complaint.

This is no way to run a business.i am cosidering going to trading standards.

We tried to cancel our contract with BT as they are the ones who sent the parcel but we have to pay hundreds to cancel it.

I feel like we are seen as mugs because we do not have powers to get it sorted.

Posted by michael at May 13, 2007 10:34 PM

Please sign this petition to stop Amazon using HDNL!!

Posted by C Thomas at May 21, 2007 10:32 PM

I am glad i found this site. Great place to discuss the horror that is 'Home Delivery Network Limited', aka HDML. I have never, ever in my life been scammed like i have been by these bunch of clowns.

Please, please take a minute to read my story, which may help you avoid these con-artists.

Day 1:

The Playstation 3 has launched recently, so i look around for the best deal online. I find the best deal is dabs, so i whip out my card and order. Within 30 minutes (record time) it says my order has been shipped next day delivery!

Day 2:

No sign of it. I was at work so i made my relatives sit in my house all day - they were pissed off with me.

Day 3:

Surely it must come, cannot wait for it now.

Nope. Didn't arrive. By now, relatives are getting tired of this.

Day 4:

I contact and tell them my order isn't here. They say it is 'Home Delivery Network Limited' at fault. So i ring their premium number. Some excuse about how my Playstation 3 bundle (which i paid £480 for) has been sent to the wrong depo. Say it'll be with me within 48 hours.

Day 5:

Relatives refuse to sit and wait in. I get someone ELSE to wait in for me, just in hope of my playstation 3 coming.

No, didn't arrive. Ok, i'm fuming. I'm going around in circles. Dabs tells me it's HDML's fault and HDML say are at fault.

Day 6:

No one will sit in for me today. I am not surprised. I call up HDML AGAIN...... A woman answers.

After saying it was's fault (where have i heard that before?) She then tells me that from her computer, she cannot do anything.

I ask her where to get in touch with HDML support. She says she is the support team.

Great, i thought. I made her take my number and told a representative to call me back when they have updates on my long lost order. She didn't seem to know what she was talking about.

Day 7:

Will be tomorrow 2nd June 2007.

I'm pissed off.

Never, ever ever buy from, especially a hugely expensive order such as mine.

Posted by Jay at June 1, 2007 07:15 PM

dont use hdnl, total cowboys. i use now cause they dont use them.

Posted by john watson at June 27, 2007 01:41 PM

Same old story & I'm furious. After several days watching my delivery, ordered via Amazon, being sent from Droitwich-Wembley-Droitwich-New Cross for no apparent reason, I am told today the driver was unable to deliver. This is to my work address, a large City of London firm with a security desk manned 24/7, a reception desk on every floor manned 8am-6pm (this was at 4.30pm) and me sitting at my desk all afternoon situated in front of the lift from which the driver would have emerged should he have actually bothered to go to the floor stated in the address specified in my order. Now I know the driver was lying - there is simply no possiblity that there was no one there to accept my delivery.

Rant over, can someone please advise me what to do in order to either get a refund or actually see my delivery, bearing in mind I have no transport to attend the depot (or inclination to visit New Cross)?

Posted by JC at August 23, 2007 01:41 AM

Hi JC,

I don't know about Amazon as my parcel was ordered from Dabs, however...

I just emailed Dabs saying I wanted a refund and explained how useless I thought their choice of delivery firm were.

They gave me a refund without any problems. By the time HDNL had returned the parcel to Dabs (so they could finally issue the credit) I'd ordered one elsewhere AND had it delivered with a day or two to spare!

Posted by Adrian at August 23, 2007 11:00 AM

The HDNL are one of the worst delivery companies I have ever worked with. I was told by BT that I could collect my stuff if I missed the delivery driver. I tried this, and was told the depot would phone me by 7pm to arrange collection. Useless f*#kers never rang. If I don't get this stuff tomorrow, my net connection suffers, and that's me f*#ked. Arseholes. I love being lied to because someone is trying to do something on the cheap.
Bless 'em.

[Comment edited for language - I can understand why P.Seabert wanted to say such things, but we try not to be too foul-mouthed around here... - Adrian.]

Posted by P.Seabert at September 17, 2007 07:16 PM


Sorry to hear about so many other people having dramas with HDN. They truly are shit. And sadly they have the contract for delivering BT's Broadband equiptment. They tried and failed to deliver last week, left an enigmatic card, I rang to get it delivered to my workplace impossible apparently because they are different depots. No problem says the nervous sounding call centre bod, we deliver on saturdays! Hoorah! However saturday noon I ring them to check its coming and yes its on the van, they confirm my contact number and I continue to wait and wait and wait and wait... Its never comes. A whole day, 50% of my fucking weekend wasted on these inept cnuts. So I ring BT and insist they change the delivery address even if it means sending a new order. Monday (when HDN call centre opens) I ring them and ask that they deliver to my work, different depot or not its only 10 miles from my home!! They still cant. very apologetic but they have to 'Wait' for BT to confirm the new address. I explain as patiently as I can, that i've done enough waiting and that they need to chase up BT. As a customer they have pissed about they need to be pro-active, but to no avail. And having done a quick search this kind of thing seems to be their bread and butter. I will sign the petition and I believe their address is
Home Delivery Network
100 Old Hall St
L70 1AB

I will be writing to them and pursuing compensation for work I could have been doing elsewhere instead of waiting for thos indolent cnuts who cant even use a telephone competently.



Posted by John Asbridge at October 1, 2007 09:52 AM

Iam glad I found this how has such an apparently well reputed company been able to trade this long and for such big companies without any slap on the wrists??????

I have been waiting for over a week for an item from ARGOS and every day I phone I get told the same f*&^%g delivery has been packed on the van today for delivery....hhmmm well I think this magical delivery truck has either been abducted by aliens or the drivers are just usless f*&^wits who cant read a map.

Not only am I the person liasing between them but I have spent time and money trying to figure out WTF is going on....great customer service guys

And when I tried to complain I was told I can only do this in writing...trying to deter me much??
Here's the managing directors name and address if anybody else needs to complain:

Walter Blackwood
client service hndl ltd
fallows way
L35 1RZ

Iam taking this up with trading standards and emplore you all to do the same.

Posted by Meagan at October 11, 2007 04:06 PM

I have had the problem with BT as well! I had 2 cards, told them I will be out working all day during the week, so they said they will deliver it on Sat. I stayed home all day Sat, no knocks no bell nothing. But I found a card! so i called them again, and ask for a address to pick up, they said i will get a call from them shrotly to find out about where the place is, i never got the call and eventually i found this site and called the number given by Lu, (one of the comment on here). I called and they said my pacel is there, so hopefully I will get it this time when i go over there!
bunch of f**king idiots they are.

Posted by jacky tsanf at October 12, 2007 01:21 PM

ive just come across this site after looking up the toatlly useless home delivery pleased im not the only one but cant understand this company keeps getting away with being so pathetic.i work nights and was waiting up all day yesterday for a package from littlewoods sent through the useless ones.the driver arrived and didnt even ring my door bell,just left a card and off he went.i called the number as lots of others before me have and complained and said the next day when he came firstly to ring the door bell if no answer leave next door with my neighbour.what a surprise the useless git just left another card,didnt ring the bell AGAIN and didnt leave with my neighbour,just shot off again.are we supposed to sit in our gardens and wait for these muppets so we actually get our products.not happy at all.P.S that is as polite as i can be,i wanted to right how im really feeling but it probably wouldnt be allowed on here.

Posted by mark at November 24, 2007 03:50 PM

I can say that HDNL probably have no phone line because if they did they'd be buried under an avalanche of complaints.
I assume Amazon use them because they are cheap.
By cheap I mean F%^& All Use.
Currently Amazon say mt consignment is with them.
HDNL deny any knowledge of it.
Can't contact them
Don't know which depot its at.
Whay a bunch of T^^$$£($.
I betthe CEO is collecting a Wad of Dosh though.

Posted by AW at December 13, 2007 06:41 PM

I'd add to this, THE WORST COMPANY in the UK. An absolute JOKE! Never mind deliveries these idiots couldn't run a piss up in a brewery. Why large companies allow their names to be tarnished by these cowboys I have no idea, cost / profit?

Posted by Seb at December 18, 2007 07:05 PM

HDNL can be contacted on 0870 154 5400. Well that is what the company I ordered from says. I didnt manage to get through tough.

Posted by The_Gypsy at December 21, 2007 01:32 PM

OMG we have had so many problems over one package with these idiots!!! We missed our first two deliveries because we were working like normal people. We had told BT this would be the case. We had cards put through our doors saying a signature was required on both occasions. We rang Home Delivery after the first missed delivery and they told us we could not pick up the parcel until after the second delivery failed which was such a waste of time as we already knew we would be WORKING during their pathetic hours on the second attempt too just as we had on the first!! Eventually we arranged for the package to be delivered to us a third time on the saturday (this was really inconvenient as they couldnt give us even a time slot let alone a time and we were meant to be going to london for the day for my 21st birthday. I rang them at 11 on the Saturday and said look can you even give us an idea of when to expect our parcel and they said we are sorry for the inconvenience but your parcel has not been dispatched today because there was confusion over your address (bearing in mind they had managed to deliver the cards to our house twice in the week saying that we had missed our delivery?!) I was very unhappy with this obviously and complained. Eventually in order to get our parcel and be done with the whole saga we ammended and confirmed our correct address details by phone and my partner agreed to take the monday off work (we lost around 108 pounds by him doing so.)So the Monday came and went without our parcel and when he rang he was fed the same story about incorrect postcode/address details. We were and still are both furious with this incompetent and inflexible delivery service! My partner now has to drive to their st neots depot to get our parcel at his own cost i.e petrol and miles etc. I think the whole thing is a joke and will definately complain to BT... hopefully they will contract someone else. Home delivery network are USELESS!

Posted by becki and alan at April 23, 2008 07:58 PM


I guess I am not the only one.

I have had nothing but trouble with these, if they are not signing for parcels on my behalf and leaving them underneath cars or behind bins, (like no1 is going to see them)they are making totally unacceptable excuses as to why they cant deleiver.

My first parcel from them i paid next day deleivery, they didnt deleiver it and when i contacted them they said that the driver had returned it to the depot saying the road was blocked and he couldnt gain access, which was a complete and utter lie!!! The next 3 deleiveries they signed on my behalf and left as i said undera car and behind a bin, i have specifically told them it is not safe to leave goods without someone being here. The latest is -

I ordered a mobile phone formy daughter on Saturday from the Littlewoods catalogue. I was told that it would be delivered on Tuesday. I took the day off work to accept this delivery (im a temp so i dont get paid) and waited in all day. I saw the Home delivery van in my area about 9am which is the usual time for deleiveries. I had not recieved it by 3pm so i contatced Littlewoods who advised me that their system says it is on the van for delivery and that it can be delivered upto 6pm. By 5pm I still hadnt recieved it, and i managed to get the number to them ( which had changed to 08448 111 816). They told me that it was on the van for deleivery and would be delievered and that i should call back ay 7pm if i hadnt recieved it. Well, as i am sure you can guess I DIDNT GET IT!!!!. I called the number again and was this time told that it had been returned to the depot but they did not know why (guess the driver was late for the pub). I obviously went absolutly mad and asked to speak to a manager. To no surprise the manager was on another call and they took my number for her to call me back (advising me they were open until 9pm). Well she never did. I then this morning contacted them at 8am and was told that their systems had not been updated and that it was not on the van. Again i went mad and asked to speak to a manager, to which they wanted me to wait for her to call back,( like that was goign to happen) i refused this and when i threated to go to BBC WATCHDOG she amazingly became available. I spoke with a lady called Sophia who said that she couldnt give me anymore details and would contact the St Neots depot and call me back. Having found this site and got the St Neots depot contatc number i tried it, but again to no surprise i couldnt get any answer. I am absolutely furious, it looks liek i will have to take another day off work to try and get this as my daughter will be devestated if she doesnt get her pressie today.

Will keep you posted

Posted by Tilburhams at April 30, 2008 08:50 AM

Ok.... After numerous calls and basically letting rip at the manager in the St Neots depot i have now been advised that my parcel has gone walkies between being returned to the depot at 3.30pm yesterday afternoon and 8am this morning. To top it off, i have to reorder and start the process off again, i wonder who will admit they should pay compensation???

USELESS not only can they not deliver parcels, they hire theifs too.. says alot doesnt it.

Posted by Mo at April 30, 2008 02:54 PM

Great, what a nightmare, but I took comfort in that its not just me, sorry for all you other guys tho - I guess I'll never get my TopShop order then - apparently they tried to deliver twice but never left a card - Effing scumbags, surely there is something we can do about these anus holes?

Posted by LucyB at January 26, 2009 01:01 PM

rubbish company.

Posted by at May 21, 2009 03:50 PM

I actually work in the same road as the St. Neots depot and have ordered items to be delivered to my work address from HDNL and twice have checked where my parcel is online after not receiving and been told when i phoned them that the delivery driver cannot find my address!!!!! unbelievable, its like 5 or 6 doors down from where they work, they are useless, they tried to fob me off with the old 'new driver' line and 'doesn't speak much english' cr*p, surely if they cannot find an address in the smae road as them there's not much hope for anyone else wanting a delivery.

Posted by lulu at July 31, 2009 09:38 AM

Just tried to have a telephone conversation with htis company.

They couldn't deliver a book to me unless I took the day off work. Did that, they failed to show. When I tried to complain the service rep started shouting at me and then said she was going to put the phone down on me as III was being aggressive!!!!!!!!!!. Wouldn't give me her name because she said it was against data protection though she has mine and my telephone number and address.

e-mailed Amazon and asked them to cancel as I don't want anything from this company ever.

Posted by MJ at September 14, 2009 07:46 PM

Not much chance of this company ever going out of business, they are owned by GUS (great universal)

This company owns majority of you major catalouges and a small company called Argos.

Just incase you wernt aware, HDNL have gone under a few names over the years, in the last 10yrs they have been known as:-

Reality and White Arrow.

Hope this helps.

Posted by Robert Paul Nicol at October 12, 2009 11:06 AM

I WISH I'd seen this page before ordering!

Ordered a child's bike seat via Amazon. Waited at home for the delivery by HDN. Checked online at 11.59am to see that at 11.49am the parcel had apparently been delivered and "left in garage". Unless the courier is harry houdini I very much doubt this for two reasons. 1) my garage was locked and 2) I was working in my office directly above the garage at 11.49am. Rang the St Neots number above, got a very nice Scottish lady who has promised to follow this up with the driver. Though she did try to make me wait until tomorrow, thankfully a little bit of agitation means I am now waiting for a call back in 1 hour. We will see what happens, though from the other comments here, it doesn't look promising.

Posted by Alex Sutherland at September 5, 2011 12:21 PM
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