September 23, 2006

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September 22, 2006

Cambridge Web Design

Just a quick entry for anyone interested in web desgin / web development who lives in the Cambridge (UK) area...

Refresh Cambridge is a new group for web designers, programmers, etc. in Cambridge. There's a mailing list, there have been a couple of pubmeets, and there are plans for talks and presentations in the future. It's still finding its feet, but that means you can join and get to help shape what the group is and how it operates.

I haven't made it to any of the meetings yet, but will no doubt blog about them when I do.

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September 18, 2006

Five-a-side Footie @ Kelsey Kerridge

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September 15, 2006

Flicking Through My Album Collection

Earlier in the week Apple launched iTunes 7, and most of the hype and discussion has been about being able to download movies and hook your computer up to your TV. That's not why I downloaded it the other day though.

Like Dan Hill, the thing that excited me about iTunes 7 was the new cover art browsing interface. You can flick through the albums in your collection, with the cover art flicking past much as it might if you were leafing through your stack of LPs. It's very cool when it works, and I've been happily rediscovering all sorts of albums by being drawn to the cover as it flicks past.

Sadly, as Dan notes in his cautious welcoming of iTunes 7 (which includes a few screenshots if you want a better idea of what I'm talking about), there's a big problem at present with it only choosing artwork from albums available on the iTunes Music Store. iTunes spent an age processing the 4000-odd albums in my collection to gather artwork, and has found (I think) 696 album covers. That's less than a fifth of my music collection, so at present it's not a very useful way to look through my music.

Still, it's a start. And I think it's the tipping point for me to start trying to get hold of the artwork for more of my collection.

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September 13, 2006

Thoughts On Mobile Access to the Internet - Part 1

Following on from developing the mobile soccer news service I've been thinking again about mobile access to the Internet. In particular, the problem of trying to read content that's been designed for viewing on a big PC screen on a small mobile phone screen.

The BBC news lends itself well to such viewing, because with a touch of trickery it's possible to give people a link to the low-graphics version of a page, which is obviously more suited to a small screen / limited web browser. Coercing other content feeds isn't quite so easy...

If there's a full content RSS feed, there's obviously no problem - the content is there in a pretty basic, but complete form. After that, you're into the realms of modifying the existing web content, which people have been trying since the late 90s and haven't yet (to my knowledge) mastered. The problem with simplifying content is that there's bound to be occasions when you remove something that the user wants. Mobile phone web browsing is all about trade-offs: increased mobility and access to content when it wouldn't otherwise be available versus lower bandwidth and the more limited screen and keyboard interface. So I think that any such service needs to provide a more mobile-focused experience as the default - less cluttered pages with the main page content appearing at the top of and dominating the screen - but still allow easy access to the full version for when the user needs something that's been stripped out and is prepared to put up with the additional pain required to find it.

The obvious way to attack the problem would be to take advantage of the ever more common use of CSS to separate content from appearance. I think it's still quite rare for websites to specify anything other than a screen (i.e. desktop) stylesheet, but I wonder how effective it would be to insert a new stylesheet for handheld (i.e. mobile phone) devices? And if there happens to be a stylesheet for printing, then maybe that would make a usable first choice for phones rather than the flashier desktop stylesheet.

If you're using Firefox and you've got the web developer toolbar installed, it's pretty easy to get a rough idea of how a site would look if you did that. You can resize it to a mobile-phone like size (my Nokia 7610's screen is 176x208 pixels) and then disable all the styles in the CSS menu.

Doing that soon shows why that isn't a complete answer - you often still need to scroll past all the menus, nice logos, and so on that look fine on a PC, but cause endless scrolling on a phone. Perhaps performing analysis on the general content boxes of the page would let them be reordered so that the one with the highest proportion of plain text, or with the lowest ratio of text to links, is displayed first would help with that?

All that said, displaying the content on a phone isn't the biggest obstacle to accessing the Internet on a mobile, but more of that in part two...

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September 08, 2006

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September 07, 2006

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September 05, 2006

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September 04, 2006

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September 03, 2006

Get Football News On Your Phone

One thing that I've done recently, but didn't mention in the roundup is this set of Premiership football team news feeds for mobile phones.

An IM conversation with Geoff about Dave Winer's lead to me knocking up a basic service to give you a list of the BBC Sport headlines optimized for display on a phone or a PDA, whilst Geoff registered an assortment of domain names and setup the index site at

To see the headlines for your team, you just need to visit <team-initials> or find your team on the index page. So, for example, get the latest Liverpool news at

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