August 10, 2012

Imagivisionating the Future(tm)

Last week I was one of the people invited to talk at FACT's evening on Digital Innovation. I mostly talked about what it might be, and how we're approaching it (not that we'd ever call it that here) at DoES Liverpool.

It seemed to go down pretty well, and I've just published the slides plus notes (and audio clips) over on the DoES Liverpool blog.

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August 09, 2012

The Heart of Darkness and Dark Matter

This post from Euan shows exactly what's important and good and (possibly, hopefully) revolutionary about blogging. Blogging isn't disruptive because it lets some random Joe build their own competitor to existing media outlets - they're just finding a different route to become company men of their own.

Blogging is disruptive because it allows people like Euan and me to share thoughts, make connections and have conversations that wouldn't ever make it into mainstream media, because that's not the point - it's about compressing the geography and dis-jointed timescales and letting a million niches of misfits work out that they're not alone, and support each other as they try to do things differently.

And to draw in another thread from the excellent Dan Hill, when we start to engage with the dark matter of the company men in the existing institutions then maybe we will be able to shift the world to a place where it's easier to get ahead without giving up your soul.

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