October 25, 2021

Interesting Things on the Internet: October 25th 2021 Edition

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October 11, 2021

Interesting Things on the Internet: October 11th 2021 Edition

  • Catharsis. Good of Tim Bray to follow up on the story of Amazon firing people for speaking out about how it treats its warehouse staff, now that they've settled out of court, so "that particular firing spree was not only unethical and stupid, it was probably illegal."
  • The end of the world is over. Now the real work begins.. "Besides, it is realistic: things could be better. [...] Obviously there are complications, but these are just complications. They are not physical limitations we can’t overcome. So, granting the complications and difficulties, the task at hand is to imagine ways forward to that better place.
    Immediately many people will object that this is too hard, too implausible, contradictory to human nature, politically impossible, uneconomical, and so on. Yeah yeah. Here we see the shift from cruel optimism to stupid pessimism, or call it fashionable pessimism, or simply cynicism. It’s very easy to object to the utopian turn by invoking some poorly-defined but seemingly omnipresent reality principle. Well-off people do this all the time."
  • How to blog. If you can all just start blogging then I can stop posting these "you should be blogging" links every year or so...
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