July 28, 2008

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July 22, 2008

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July 21, 2008

Here Today. Gone Tomorrow

Well, the mammoth bike tour is over, and we've been back in Torino for a couple of days. We had an (mostly) excellent time and it was really interesting to get to experience some of the other Italies.

I gave up on the GPS tracking after a couple of days because the Sports Tracker app seems to struggle to track anything longer than half-a-kilometer, but luckily my Specialized bike computer is much more reliable (even if I did forget to clip it back into its holder once or twice after refreshment stops at bars).

According to the bike computer, we cycled (/pushed the bikes uphill...) 182 miles. The real figure (i.e. with the bits where I'd forgotten to clip the computer in, and some cycling round Ischia where I didn't take it) is probably nearer to 200 miles. When we got back we weighed the panniers and tent that we'd lugged round, and it turns out we had 35kg of luggage; a good job we only checked that at the end I think!

I'll write more about it in a while, but just wanted to check-in and mark the next mad phase that we're about to enter. Since returning we've been packng everything up into boxes because tomorrow I'll be leaving Torino and driving back to the UK.

I'm quite sad to be leaving Torino and Italy, but also excited about finding somewhere to live in Liverpool, which is where we're headed. But before I find us somewhere to live I need to get the car MOTed, which will be just outside Cambridge as usual.

So tomorrow we pack the car; then overnight I'll drive to Calais; on Wednesday catch a ferry to Dover and drive up to my uncle's place just outside Cambridge. Then once the car has its MOT I'll be heading to the North-West to my parents' and looking for somewhere to rent in the centre of Liverpool.

Until then, I'll leave the twitter updates at the top of the blog, as that's going to be the easier way for me to post anything for a while yet...

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July 19, 2008

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