October 17, 2022

Interesting Things on the Internet: October 17th 2022 Edition

  • It was the Festival of Maintenance last weekend, and the talks are online. Liz Slade's talk about the cultural evolution and decentralized nature of the Unitarian Church stuck many chords with my thoughts on the makerspace and hackspace communities. Hopefully they can grow into similar longevity of the centuries old church.
  • The opening statement by Josep Borrell Fontelles at the EU Ambassadors Conference. video version. A clear-headed and mature explanation of our situation and challenges. "Our prosperity has been based on cheap energy coming from Russia. Russian gas – cheap and supposedly affordable, secure, and stable. It has been proved not [to be] the case. And the access to the big China market, for exports and imports, for technological transfers, for investments, for having cheap goods. I think that the Chinese workers with their low salaries have done much better and much more to contain inflation than all the Central Banks together.

    So, our prosperity was based on China and Russia – energy and market. Clearly, today, we have to find new ways for energy from inside the European Union, as much as we can, because we should not change one dependency for another. The best energy is the one that you produce at home. That will produce a strong restructuring of our economy – that is for sure."
  • Developer Landlords Are Trying to Take Over Liverpool. Not sure "trying" is the right word there, sadly.
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October 03, 2022

Interesting Things on the Internet: October 3rd 2022 Edition

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