January 15, 2024

Interesting Things on the Internet: January 15th 2024 Edition

  • Finally (hopefully, we'll see) something seems to be happening about the shameful Horizon scandal. Private Eye have made their special report on it free to download. I haven't watched Mr Bates vs The Post Office yet, but this is a great backgrounder on the whole fiasco.
  • How to Fold a Julia Fractal. A fantastic website with great animated visualisations to help explain the beauty of maths. Gave me some new ways to think about and understand imaginary numbers.
  • Let’s make the indie web easier. Giles is right. If (/when?) I had more spare time I'd run some #IndieWeb workshops or hackdays or something (which would also likely give me the nudge to update/migrate this website to Jekyll)
  • How the legal system made it so easy for the Post Office to destroy the lives of the sub-postmasters and sub-postmistresses – and how the legal system then made it so hard for them to obtain justice. Excellent blog post from David Allen Green on the failures of the UK legal system and the professional classes that allowed the Horizon scandal to flourish. "But a saddening thing is that if it were not those particular identifiable individuals who were culpable (and they certainly should be held to account) then it would have been other individuals doing the same things. And this is because of legal and corporate contexts that facilitated this wrongdoing. [...] these were not exceptional individuals – they were individuals doing what they (wrongly) believed to be their job or performing what they (wrongly) believed to be their function or protecting what they (wrongly) saw to be legitimate interests."
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