April 22, 2024

Interesting Things on the Internet: April 22nd 2024 Edition

  • Dance Dance Revolution? Music isn't activism on its own, but activism needs a fun soundtrack.
  • We Need To Rewild The Internet.
  • The free software commons. "To be perfectly clear, I am not arguing against paying maintainers. I'm arguing that paying maintainers is a narrow response that will have detrimental side effects unless it goes hand-in-hand with other measures. The most critical of those is governance. I view this as the next step that the Free Software movement needed to take years ago. That didn't happen, and I would mostly be speculating if I tried to give reasons why not. But that's in the past and we're in the present. It still needs to be done, and the second best time is now."
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April 08, 2024

Interesting Things on the Internet: April 8th 2024 Edition

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