October 09, 2006

Web-related Events This Week

Both tomorrow and Wednesday evenings I'll be out at web-related events in Cambridge, and rather than just blog about them after the fact, I thought I'd post about them beforehand too. Just in case anyone else is interested in coming along.

Tuesday: Refresh Cambridge Pubmeet

There's an informal get-together for anyone interested in web development/design/whatever in the Tram Depot at 6:30pm. Head over to www.refreshcambridge.org to join the mailing list, but anyone can turn up for the pubmeet. "Just play spot the geek t-shirts" to find us, although I'll look like this:

Picture of me in my light blue Bang Bang records t-shirt

Wednesday: The Second Coming of the Internet Presentation

Then on Wednesday evening I'll be over at the Microsoft Research building on Madingley Road for a presentation entitled The Second Coming of the Internet. It starts at 7:30pm, and covers things like AJAX, JSON, REST... all the usual Web2.0 buzzword technologies. It's free for anyone to attend, but you need to pre-register on the website.

If you spot me at either event, then please come over and say hi.

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I expect you're saving the HF t-shirt for car-related gatherings then :)

Posted by: Andrew at October 10, 2006 01:00 PM

Hehe. I wore that one to the Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. gig and ended up chatting to some guy who owns a late Sapphire Cossie!

I figured pale blue was more distinctive than navy, so the music geeky t-shirt won out over the car geeky one... :-)

Posted by: Adrian at October 10, 2006 01:06 PM

Oops that was last week - really must catch up on my feeds....

Posted by: Geoff at October 16, 2006 08:36 PM
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