July 12, 2003

Fopp Attack

Fopp Attack
To leave Fopp with much less money than you had when you went in. Coined by Jo McGowan.

I suffered another Fopp attack yesterday. I'd got out of work early, and happened to end up in the Fopp end of town... So now I'm 27 poorer, but 9 albums or 207 tracks richer :-) I don't know what all the fuss is with iTunes, I guess $0.99/track isn't a bad price, but I managed less than a tenth of that - 0.13/track!

Now I'm not sure about the Best of Al Stewart, I quite like "Year of the Cat", which is why I bought it, but after listening to some of it, I think it's more of a seventeen track single. The Everly Brothers All-time Original Hits has all the songs I remember my parents playing whilst I was growing up (they're both Everly fans) plus "Ebony Eyes", so Mum, I guess I'll now understand the Elderly Brothers version "Holland's Meat Pies" that you've got.

Things get a bit funkier with a George Clinton (no relative of Bill AIUI ;-) compilation, which includes the funk version of "Sunshine Of Your Love" that was played last time we went to Fat Poppadaddy's (there, I've spelt it right this time Jo), and two Dope On Plastic albums (vols. 5 and 6) which, from what I've heard so far, are superb. Excellent recommendation Jo, seeing as I hadn't heard any of them before.

And rounding things off are a few more compilations - some more Madchester stuff and some chillout and indie stuff. All worth a punt at three quid a pop.

That's the weekend's tunes sorted.

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