March 09, 2005

MEME AID: The Bloggers' Disco

Fresh from this year's "Which Decade Is Top For Pops" campaign, Mike over at Troubled Diva has decided to host a virtual disco in aid of Comic Relief. For each track added to the playlist, he'll donate a pound for Red Nose Day.

Music related... For charity... How could I refuse? After some deliberation, and some listening to potential tracks this morning, I'm going to add Ask Me (Re-worked by Danny Krivit) by Ecstacy, Passion & Pain.

Posted by Adrian at March 9, 2005 01:52 PM | TrackBack

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Fab tune! Never heard it before, but it;s brilliant. It's good that he respects the integrity of the vocals and the main bit of the song as well.

Posted by: looby at March 11, 2005 02:11 PM

Yeah, I think all the tracks on the whole album are more like extended versions of the originals. One of my best Fopp purchases at only three quid for ten cool tracks!

Posted by: Adrian at March 11, 2005 02:59 PM
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