June 25, 2006

Evita at the Adelphi Theatre


Event type: Concert

Date: 2006-06-17

Rating: 4 out of 5

This is the last post about musicals for the forseeable, I promise!

As a belated birthday present, (and after an excellent afternoon at Free Range 2006) Rebecca and I went to see Andrew Lloyd Webber's hit musical Evita, which has only just returned to the West End after a twenty year hiatus.

For anyone who doesn't know it, the story follows the life of Eva Peron, in post-war Argentina. I hadn't seen it before (on stage or the film starring Madonna) although I knew some of the songs, and I think that the knowledge that it was a true story added to my enjoyment.

Sometimes with musicals (for obviously, I'm an expert on them now... ;-) I find that the transition from dialogue into song jars a little, but that wasn't the case here as almost all of the words are sung - so you only have to get over the "why is everyone suddenly singing" feeling once...

It was a great performance of an engaging and interesting story. My best musicals experience to date.

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    What a wonderful present, I would love to see this latest version, it is an amaging story as well.
    I'm taking my son to see Billy Elliott for the second time next month, he is addicted to that.

    By the way, I shall be changing my blog soon, courtesy of Geoff, it will have a different link without blogspot in the name.

    Posted by: Ellee at June 28, 2006 11:14 AM

    It was a great present :-)

    I'd be interested to see how Billy Elliott transfers to the stage, I liked the film.

    Your new blog is looking good, I got a sneak preview from Geoff the other day when he tweaking it.

    Posted by: Adrian at June 28, 2006 02:38 PM
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