October 27, 2003

It's About Time

For the past six months I've been working at Trigenix, helping them finish off Trigplayer, their over-the-air customisable mobile phone UI software for Series 60 phones (Nokia 7650, 3650, etc.). On October 15th, T-Mobile launched the Trigenix solution as "Screen Styles".

The release happened to coincide with my contract coming up for renewal. I've really enjoyed working at Trigenix, they've got some very bright people, and it's been a good application of my experience in shipping software; plus they've been very happy with my work, so I'll be continuing to help them as they expand onto more handsets with more carriers.

However, my main priority professionally is to get my own business up and running, something which has been pretty much on hold since April. So I'll now only be working three days a week at Trigenix, and have the other two days to progress my own company.

I'll be at Trigenix Wednesdays through Fridays, which means that today is my first day back at the "home office". It feels good to get back to sitting in front of my laptop, listening to 6 Music, with my morning mug of coffee, fresh from the stovetop coffee maker.

Before the work can resume in earnest though, there's some catching up on admin (like sorting my tax return), and some final clearing up after Saturday's party, but more on that later...

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