May 12, 2003


Well, with the looming party, and my having talked lots about getting some karaoke stuff for it, it's about time I put my money where my mouth is. The Karaoke Klub lists the CD+Gs that should be available from the place I hired decks for previous parties, so now I just need to choose a couple of CDs to get.

I think it'll be a few from this list, but comments on others welcome :-)

CK007 - Good 50s rock selection, with "Roll over Beethoven" and a couple of Elvis tracks
CK012 - Slightly cheesy, including "Girls just wanna have fun", "Angels" by Robbie Williams, and "Relight my fire"
CK014 - Very 80s, "You can't hurry love", "Material girl", "Pretty woman", "Happy Hour"...
CK017 - Lots of the classic karaoke tunes... "I will survive", "Angels", "Daydream believer", "Summer nights"
CK028 - Some Frank, "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Hey Jude", "Let me entertain you"

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